The Conspiracy Movement

Our Founding

About Us

Clearly Rigged was founded by individuals who recognize a problem. The “system” has left most people less healthy, less monetarily stable, and with a dwindling well being. But we don’t even need to address this. We are not an authority on these subjects nor do we intend to be.  Our aim is to offer a new perspective. We aim to Infiltrate the collective subconscious with provocation using images that directly challenge the ideals, beliefs, and assumptions of those who see it. Debates often end with both sides walking away, thinking they have won. Utilizing a form of street epistemology, we will break through barriers of dogma and bias of those unwilling to even entertain ideas with provocative images that captivate the position. All designs and made in house for maximum effectiveness.

Core Values

Clearly Rigged is managed by individuals with a strong sense of justice and thirst for the truth. We want to do our part to help you believe as many true things as possible and disbelieve as many false things as possible.  We would like to see a world where children don’t go hungry. A world wherein the cost of freedom doesn’t constitute the taking of another’s life. Where the pain of the helpless is met with a helping hand, instead of the barrel of a gun. A just world, for just people. Such an idea is often rejected in practice by pseudo intellectuals by reason of impossibility. And by the elite as a convenient excuse to maintain power. We reject the status quo and its notion of freedom and prosperity. Instead we shoot for the moon and aim for the stars. We are pro humanitarian, pro democracy, pro union, we value a strong social safety net, we value a rational consensus for important issues and decisions. We are open to the ideas meant to facilitate the growth of the human civilization with strictly nonviolent methods whenever possible because it is our responsibility to maintain order and progress for the sake of those who come after us.

Our Beliefs

When it comes to beliefs companies often avoid taking stances on hot button issues because it could hurt their sales. At Clearly Rigged we don’t have that luxury. This is due to the nature of the business. We have to pick sides. That being said we don’t claim to know the ultimate truth on any topic. We take a probabilistic reductionist approach to assessing and answering questions. This ensures that the probability of being incorrect about our assertion is as low as possible. It also ensures that if the possibility that the assertion is incorrect is true then we maintain the ability to assess the evidence when new data comes in and subsequently adjust our suppositions.  We believe in the scientific method as a reliable way to understand our reality. We also understand that the scientific method has produced little results when testing metaphysical or supernatural claims. We weigh the implications of this with out level of confidence in the claims. With that being said, we support all individuals hunt for the the truth. We are delighted when new claims come forwards; as new data to consider is the lifeblood of truth.

Our Objective

Clearly Rigged is a company founded with the principles of justice and truth. Because of this, our products reflect that message. Our goal is to expand the minds of the masses and help raise the cultural and social awareness regarding issues related to conspiracy theories, politics, myths such as cryptids or aliens, social issues and everything in between. Clearly rigged doesn’t take a hard stance position on any of the issues. We want to do our best to push a vision of peace and prosperity forward in the hearts of men. That’s why we try to design the best possible products; to help represent a community of people that understand that in order to change the world you first have to change yourself. The myths of old weigh heavy as mankind struggles to break through. Will you accept the lies or discover the truth? Join us on this journey.

Our Mission Statement

We want you to believe as many true things as possible and disbelieve as many false things as possible. With this in mind we encourage the discussion of all subjects. We believe in the freedom of your speech and wish to do right by you by providing you top quality products. With these products we wish to raise awareness about subjects by providing provocative ideas through the images on our products. There are always going to be more ideas to explore and spread through provocative imagery, which is why we insist that you let us know about these ideas. With this codependence, we can make great things happen through first changing public opinion, and secondly by expanding to other projects that also embolden the populous for the right cause.